MB & DESI grew up in the booming metropolis of Greene, NY, and spent my days exploring the woods and dreaming up elaborate projects that may have left my parents somewhat concerned.

I went to Ithaca College, where I fell in love with waterfalls, design, and a handsome guy from New Hampshire.  I wasn’t sure what to study, so I chose the major that seemed broadest (and had the longest name): Organizational Communication, Learning & Design.  A complete sucker for education, I followed that up with a master’s degree in Corporate and Organizational Communication at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  I paid my bills by freelancing and had the opportunity to dig into the code of dozens of websites written by at least as many coders, which was an education in itself.


Worried that I was developing a hunchback from nights of coding (not to mention the classic short fuse of an over-stressed New Yorker), I re-discovered yoga and fell in love with that too.  I completed my 200- and 300-Hour teacher trainings at ISHTA Yoga in NYC with Yogiraj Alan Finger, and it transformed my life, my relationships and my work.  In the midst of my 300-Hour teacher training, I met another teacher who changed my life: my son, Liam.  His sister, Maisey, joined our family a couple years later. They are the most clever, funny, and inspiring little people.  If you haven’t met them yet, you really should! They’re the best.

Our little family settled back in Ithaca in 2011, and I now spend my days exploring the state parks and dreaming up elaborate projects that may leave my husband somewhat concerned.  I can also be found doing anything that will result in giggles from my kids, no matter how embarrassing or ridiculous.